Snowshoe Fun at Ghost Cave!


What a great day!  We learned so much...about
dry flowers, and avalanches, and rabbit droppings!  And it turns out that
both Mary and Lydia are professional sled riders - how cool!  I definitely
had an amazing time, I hope you guys did too!  


Sweet snow onigiri, my favorite!  I know it was kind of hard to get used to at
first, but it was delicious wasn’t it? I think it’d be a really great idea to
start a company called Minakami Snowcone, and you guys could be my first
customers!  There’s probably
all sorts of stuff you can put on snow…    


Lydia looks so at home at Totoro’s
house.  I think that they might make
very good friends.


There’s so many great pictures you guys should
totally model.  What a good day to be a
: )



The best pictures are always moments from
disaster.  I love how serene I look
moments from falling back first into mushy hard snow.  And your peace signs!  You
look so Japanese, especially Mary : )

Wow!  If i didn't know better i'd say you planned that.  you look so smooth and graceful.  Let's go sledding again!

I can't believe you stayed on your sled!!!  You should go pro.  seriously.